Thursday, September 3, 2009

VP-IT Asia Pac for MNC BPO in Manila, Philippines

Here is an exciting role for a topnotch IT professional!
For a mandate shared by an associate of ours, we are on the look out for someone with extensive experience in outsourcing or contact centres or in other dynamic environments with a voice/call centre component,
-in a senior service delivery / operations role,
-who has held budgetary responsibility,
-is used to driving change,
-enjoys working closely with the business &
- is comfortable managing senior technical people.
Reporting to the Global CIO, the VP IT APAC is responsible for the site IT infrastructure, personnel & business continuity of critical technology services based within sites within the region, including Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and India- hence it requires a high level of travel, assume every week!!
RSVP for more details!!


BPO said...

Thanks for giving very informative news about VP-IT Asia Pac.

Anonymous said...

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